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0:00 Title screen: all models
0:04 Promethean Crawler attacks, Battle Rifle animations (hand keyed)
0:15 Promethean Weapon assembly and action sets (hand keyed)
0:42 Spartan run (mocap clean up)
0:43 Spartan vs Spartan Assassination animation samples (hand keyed)
0:47 Halo Enemy animations (hand keyed)
0:50 Marine entering Pelican (hand keyed)
0:53 Marine talking headset animation (mocap clean up)
0:57 Knights, Hunters, Grunt (hand keyed)
1:11 Elf and Mage hero animations (hand keyed + mocap clean up)
1:20 Elf vs Orc combat melee (mocap clean up)
1:26 Justice League Heroes gameplay montage (hand keyed)
1:36 Cortana and Spartan Miller PIP animations (mocap cleanup)

0:00 Airwolf helicopter test animation
0:17 Autobot Warpath tank and tread animation
0:26 Transformers Devastator full mechanical realization
0:29 Covenant Beam Rifle overheat
0:32 Promethean Suppressor assembly
0:34 Promethean Binary Rifle assembly
0:36 Promethean Incineration Cannon assembly
0:39 Transformers spot ft. original voice actor Dan Gilvezan

3D Modeling Sampler:
Megatron (hard surface model, low poly model, PBR)
Robot for Lumberyard (low poly model, PBR/normal map from hard surface model)
Pistol (low poly model, PBR/normal map from hard surface model)
Optimus Prime
Firefly from GI Joe
Voltron (Cyber City Con promo) Bumblebee (Dan Gilvezan showcase)

First pass AR/MR proof of concept for
social media campaign
Alamo City Comic Con and Cyber City Con 2018
Work in Progress

Images copyright Randall Ng 1995-2017.