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     I've been in the video game industry since 1996 and have successfully shipped multiple games on XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, PSP, XBOX, PS2, PSone, iOS, and PC. I've also been interviewed on the web, gave a lecture at the XGDX on game art and design, worked in film, and had my artwork printed in several magazines.

     My skill sets include modeling and animating in both Maya and 3D Studio Max. I have played roles both in the motion capture suit (performing martial arts moves) and out (cleaning up motion capture data). Leadership skills include working as a Senior Animator, Department Director of Graphic Design, and martial arts instructor.

     During my career, I have had the opportunity of co-directing an animated music video for Stan Bush and have been creating and directing the official convention promo videos for Fun Publications (Transformers/BotCon and GIJoeCon), Alamo City Comic Con, Cyber City Con, RetroCon, and Knight Rider Reunion. I also created the logo and an animation for Chikara Pro Wrestling's King of Trios 2014 video. For BotCon 2014, I worked with Shout! Factory on the animated intro for their Transformers 30th Anniversary steaming event. I will be appearing at Cyber City Con in 2016 as a special guest. I am a well rounded artist who is passionate about creating art, animation, and making games.

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Bachelor of Science, Graphic Design/Illustration, San Jose State University 1997

Software: Maya, 3D Studio Max, Substance Painter, Motion Builder, Z-Brush, Motion Analysis Cortex,
               Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Substance Painter, Lumberyard, Unity, Unreal, Perforce, JIRA


     • HALO 5: Guardians - XBOX ONE
     • HALO: the Master Chief Collection - XBOX ONE
     • HALO: Spartan Strike - Windows 8, iOS
     • HALO 4 - XBOX 360
     • Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth - XBOX 360, PS3
     • Lord of the Rings: War in the North - XBOX 360, PS3, PC
     • Justice League Heroes - XBOX, PS2, PSP
     • Crusaders of Might and Magic - PC
     • Family Game Pack - PSone
     • Godai: Elemental Force - PS2
     • Groovy Bunch of Games - PC
     • Superman: Man of Steel - XBOX
     • Warriors of Might and Magic - PS2

Affinity Pixel Entertainment, LLC., Austin, TX 01/18-present
Senior 3D Artist/Animator (remote contract)
     • Creation of 3d modeling assets, rigging, and animation for Fallen Angels
     • Assisting with new concepts and art direction

Microsoft, Redmond, WA 05/17-10/17
3D Generalist (contractor)
     • Created 3D character models, textures, rigs, and animations for the Hololens experience
     • Design 3D versions of 2D icons and emojis to be fully rigged and animated
     • Worked in coordination with the pipeline from Unity3D into Hololens

Amazon Game Studios, Seattle, WA 09/16-05/17
3D Generalist (contractor)
     • Created 3D character models, textures, rigs, and animations for the Lumberyard project
     • Provided 3D art support for mobile and PC game demos for GDC
     • Documented art workflow

Microsoft, Redmond, WA 12/15-8/16
Art Asset Manager - TV and Movies
     • Track and create art tasks to send to design for TV and Movie programming for XBOX ONE and XBOX 360 consoles via VSO.
     • Review art from various providers (Netflix, HULU, BBC, Popcornflix, Amazon Video, Starz, YouTube, Crackle, Crunchyroll, etc.) for content.
     • Cross reference images to fit within GEOPOL standards.
     • Coordinate between programming and design departments to make sure deadlines are met.

343 Industries, Kirkland, WA 02/12-12/15
Project Development/Art Manager - HALO
Consumer Products Art Asset Coordinator - HALO
Gameplay Animator, Video Editor - HALO 4
     • Managing product development for costumes and consumer products for the HALO brand
     • Managing HALO art assets for consumer products division
     • Creating turnarounds and color call outs for Consumer Products
     • 3D art resource for 3D printing programs
     • Animated several action sets for Master Chief (1st and 3rd person weapons)
     • Animated evade sets for Covenant Elite and Promethean Knight
     • Animated various vehicle entry/exit for Elite, Grunt, and Marine
     • Animated specific deaths for Grunt and Hunter
     • Animated basic attacks for Promethean Crawler
     • Animated weapon assembly for several Promethean weapons
     • Supported modifications to animations to match changes from design
     • Edited videos for online content
     • Art creation and support for various HALO titles
     • Assisted with press kit content delivery

Snowblind Studios (WB Games), Kirkland, WA 05/05-11/11
Senior Artist/Animator
     • Animated various hero and enemy characters for Lord of the Rings: Guardians of Middle Earth
     • Animated various hero, enemy, and NPC characters for Lord of the Rings: WITN
     • Designed prototypes for elf fighting style for Lord of the Rings: WITN
     • Setup motion capture sessions and performed martial arts for motion capture sessions for Lord of the Rings: WITN
     • Developed aiming/firing system for Lord of the Rings: WITN
     • Cleaned up and processed conversation animations for Lord of the Rings: WITN      
     • Modeled and textured several unlockable characters in Justice League Heroes
       (most notably Batman Infiltration Suit, Batman Kingdom Come, Superman Kingdom Come,
       Superman Kandor, Huntress)
     • Animated over 75% of characters in Justice League Heroes including heroes, enemies, and bosses
       (most notably Batman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Huntress, Superman Kandor,
       Hawkgirl, Black Canary, Darkseid, Brainiac MK1 and MK2, White Martian Rangers)
     • Created storyboard and initial cinematic for Justice League Heroes (used in WB teaser trailer)
     • Oversaw all boss battle gameplay tuning and pacing for Justice League Heroes
     • Animated both fantasy based and modern warfare type combat (XBOX 360 and PS3)
     • Created facial rigs and cape/cloth tests
     • Worked closely with programmers on tech for proper implementation of new desired features
     • Modeled and textured weapons and characters
     • Created tutorials and production workflow tips on internal Wiki

Inhance Digital Corporation, San Jose, CA 10/02-03/05
Contractor/3D Character Animator/2D and 3D Artist
     • Modeled, textured, animated 3D assets, and drew storyboards for Boeing accounts
     • Animated various human characters (military and civilian types)
     • Real time 3D assets for Boeing accounts
     • Modeled, textured, animated and lit various Cisco accounts
     • Real time 3D product rotation modeling and export for Cisco accounts

Circus Freak Studios, Campbell, CA 4/02-7/02
Contractor/3D Cinematics Artist
     • Animated characters for opening cinematics for Superman: Man of Steel XBOX
     • Created hi-poly model for opening cinematics
     • Rough storyboard for in-game cinematics

The 3DO Company, Redwood City, CA 11/99-4/02
3D Animator/Artist, Level Artist
     • Martial arts advisor and combat animations for "Godai: Elemental Force" PS2
     • Art and cinematics assistance for "Warriors of Might and Magic" PS2
     • Track, level modeler (patch modeling) for "Jacked" PS2
     • Art Lead and character designer/modeler/texturer/animator. Created story and
       storyboard for "Army Men Battle Brats" PSone
     • Concept and Art Direction for "Groovy Bunch and Games" PC
     • Assisted with concept art for "Warriors of Might and Magic 2/Shifters" PS2
     • Assisted with layout design and art for "Family Game Pack" PSone
     • Art support for "Crusaders of Might and Magic" PC

Atari Games Corporation, Milpitas, CA 12/96-9/99
Creative Services Specialist/Artist
     • Supervised art schedules for production between Milpitas and Chicago offices
     • Designed ads, posters, t-shirts, hats, and various giveaways for promotional use
     • Provided game player animation, martial arts consultation, and motion capture
       for games "Gauntlet Legends" and "Tenth Degree"
     • Provided feedback and voice for character (Ichiro)"Mace: the Dark Age" Arcade/N64
     • Supported projects with 2D/3D artwork, logos, animation, and concepts
     • Scanned and archived all printed materials from years 1982-1999
     • Coordinated with magazines and mailed out game promotion assets (ie. screenshots, character sheets, bios)
     • Demonstrated products/games for customers at various trade shows

Silicon Valley College, San Jose, CA 2/02-2/05
Director of Graphics/3D Instructor
     • Oversaw and managed Graphics Department and Instructors
     • Instructor for Maya and 3D Studio Max, simultaneously instructing Graphics and Architecture courses
     • Taught techniques for 2D illustration and 3D modeling, texture mapping, animation and rigging
     • Lectured on video game production techniques (pre-production to post-production)
     • Modeled and animated character for New Student Orientation Video 2004 (video editing & voice)
     • Collaborated with design team to design San Jose Campus Graphics website
     • Content and design for internal Silicon Valley College San Jose commercial
     • Additionally taught Portfolio, Drawing, Storyboarding, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator

     • Actor/stuntman (Chinatown Gangster #3/SWAT) for movie "Firestorm Rising"
     • Actor/stuntman (SWAT Officer #5) for movie "Down Time"
     • Actor (Street Thug) for Sci-fi pilot episode of "The Enforcer"
     • Actor/stuntman SWAT Officer for movie "Is It Worth It?"

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     • Directed third CG animated music video with Stan Bush 2017
     • Special guest and speaker at Renton City Comic Con 2017
     • Special guest Cyber City Con 2016
     • On Camera interview segment "HALO 5 Sprint: Ship It" 2015
     • Employee of the Year (Hanson Consulting Group) 2014
     • Special guest and panel moderator at the Alamo City Comic Con 2013, 2014
     • Inducted into the Hall of Primus (first inductee) at SavCon 2012
     • Animated promo for book for Dan Gilvezan (voice of original Bumblebee from Transformers) 2011
     • Teamed up with Street Fighter HD artist Long Vo to create new Transformers images for 2011
     • Modeled, animated, and directed convention promo videos for both BotCon and GIJoeCon since 2009
     • Teamed up with Stan Bush for the music video "Your Time" - Jan 2010 Stan Bush Music Video
     • 3D film included on DVD collector's set "Transformers: Generation One" - July 2009 Transformers 25th
     • 3D film Botcon 2009 Film Festival First Place Winner "Transformers: Generation One" - May 2009
     • 3D renders and composite for PSM endpage "Valkyrie Wilde on PSP" - April 2005
     • Speaker/presenter on Game Art Production for XGDX 2004, Mtn View, CA - 1 2
     • Gamepro "Seeing Double" Nintendo DS - November 2004
     • 3D renders for PSM article "Creating the Perfect Hero": "Solid Snake" - June 2000
     • 3D renders for PSM: "Valkyrie Wilde" - April 2000 & Ace Combat 3" - January 2000
     • Logo designer for Atari Games/Midway's WaveNet Project - 1998
     • Art featured in Brady Games' MACE: the Dark Age Strategy Guide 1998
     • Designed cover of RePlay Magazine: Atari Games' 25th Anniversary - July 1997
     • Designed Limited Edition Capcom Super Puzzle Fighter shirt design for Golfland Ent. April 1996

      Hobbies: Film making, martial arts (Black Belt), animation, drawing, and making video games.
      Trained in several martial arts (taught at SJSU 1994-1996)